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Q. Where are your hops grown?

A. Our hops are grown in Saint Petersburg Florida in a custom hydroponic greenhouse.


Q.  What is the purpose of a Twin Bays Contract?

A. By contracting all, or part, of your hop needs, you can assure yourself of availability and reduced pricing options. It also allows us to plan for future harvests to ensure our hop supply matches market demand, which is good for everyone.


Q. Do you sell processed hops? 

A. At this point in time we only provide the ability to purchase fresh whole cone hops. 

Q. What is a Hop?

A. Hops are cultivated flowers used as a preservative, and flavoring in beer. The bitterness of a hop is used to balance the sweetness of the malt. The hop’s essential oils add a unique flavor and aroma to the beer that cannot be achieved by using any other plant in the world. The hop plant is a spiraling perennial vine that grows in regions with slightly acidic soil, ample water and a lot of sunlight. Hops can climb strings, or poles and reach heights of 40 feet. A hop’s flowers are called a Cone, and most commonly dried before use, but can also be used “wet,” right off the vine (or “bine”, since this is the technical term used for plants that climb).


Q. Does Twin Bays Hop Farms offer hop samples to homebrewers?

A. We encourage homebrewers to contact their local homebrew supply shop to find Twin Bays Hops.


Q. What Twin Bays packaging sizes are available? 

A. Whole cone hops are available from 5lb – 100lb burlap bags.


Q. What kind of package do your hops ship in to protect their freshness?

A. Generally speaking, we will not ship products further North than the Jacksonville or South of Fort Myers. If you have shipping needs that exceed our shipping distances, please email and we’ll figure something out!


Q. How far in advance can I contract hops?

A. Hop contracts can be written, for as little as one year in advance, or up to 3 years in advance, depending on your individual needs. 


Q. What is the difference between contract year and brewing year?

A. Contract Year, is the year in which the hops are grown and harvested. The brewing year varies by customer, but typically is the calendar year. As an example, you may have a 2015 Crop (Contract) Year to meet your need for brewing during the 2016 calendar year.


Q. How do I arrange visiting for Hop Selection, or a Hop Visit?

A. Contact us a to schedule a visit to tour our amazing facility. You’ll see first hand who we are, what we do and the magic that is Florida Hydroponic Hops!